• New Year’s Eve Plans Confirmed: Vera’s (formerly Brass Union)

    It seems like a lifetime since I’ve DJed a New Year’s Eve party. Actually, it was 2019 at Brass Union with my pal DJ ABD. So it’s fitting that I’ll return to the same room this year for the holiday. And, it’ll be the first time they’ve had a DJ since the space transitioned to Vera’s earlier this year. It goes without saying, it’s an honor to be back, especially on such a big night.

    Over the past decade, Brass Union – and when it was Precinct before – has been one of the most important venues in the city for me, both professionally and personally. When it was Precinct, I just started to cut my teeth in the local music scene and was going out regularly to their shows, as well as booking my own. The Sea Monsters residency on Sundays was world class. If you know, you really know.

    Then when ownership refreshed the space into Brass Union in 2014, and did an impressive renovation that included a beautiful DJ booth, I got the call to book the music. This was an amazing platform as I was just starting to take my own DJing seriously. I began to see it as a possible career path rather than just a creative outlet for nights off from my regular gig managing a bar down the street.

    Brass was a space where I could really expand my horizons into the local DJ scene, and even beyond. I worked with so many talented DJs and formed lasting relationships with a lot of them. It’s an amazing feeling to go from “fan” to “friend” and “peer.”

    We also hosted ten Music Vs. Cancer fundraisers at Precinct/Brass and raised a ton of money for the Dana Farber Cancer Institute, all while celebrating my mother running the Boston Marathon for the Dana Farber team each year. It was like the unofficial Wallace-family festival. So many generous donors helped my mom raise more than $150,000 for cancer research.

    And speaking of family, I met my amazing wife Ashley while she was managing/bartending at Precinct more than 10 years ago. We even had our wedding after party at Brass Union in 2016!

    Every time I’d DJ at Brass Union, and Precinct before that, I felt like I was sharing more of myself than nearly any other venue I play at. (The Druid is in that class too!) That’s because I’m at home in the space, thanks to all of the memories and friendly faces over the years.

    I’ve missed this feeling considerably over the past two years and cannot wait to add to that history on this next chapter with Vera’s.

    12/31/2021 – Doors are at 9:30 PM. Music is from 10 PM to 2 AM. Tickets are $25 and include a champagne toast at midnight.

    Be sure to grab your tickets in advance on Eventbrite.

  • New DJ Video: An ’80s quick mix

    I made this DJ video for Instagram for gig promo, but I also wanted to post it here! This run of songs always goes over well, especially at weddings. Also those are prints by Mike Spencer in the background.

    You’ll notice I’m not using turntables either. Although I still prefer to play on turntables with Serato control vinyl, I’ve been using a controller more and more for mobile gigs because I’ve finally found one I like. This model, the Pioneer DDJ1000SRT has been amazing. It took the lockdown months during the worst of COVID to finally get comfortable with the workflow on this thing. It also has made me significantly better on CDJs too, as the feel is similar. My back also appreciates that it’s only 13 lbs. and can be transported in a backpack!

    Stay tuned for more videos and mixes.