New Role: High Street Place Music Director

This one has been a long-time coming. I’m beyond excited to serve as the music director for the new High Street Place Food Hall in downtown Boston. I first started to work with the team in mid-2019 to prep for the original opening date planned for March 2020. I’m sure you can guess what happened next.

Almost two years later to the date, we finally opened on March 2, 2022 … and it was glorious. The architecture of the space alone is stunning, and the collection of restaurant and beverage partners is a true representation of local talent in the hospitality industry. It’s a family vibe amongst the staff and management, and I have no doubt that translates to the guest experience.

High Street Place is in incredible canvas to work with as I build out its musical identity. There’s A LOT of energy and constant movement in the space, and that’s always changing throughout the arc of the day. Whether I’m programming a playlist, DJing, or bringing in other DJs or live acts, I’m always thinking of how well it pairs with the overall atmosphere of the space.

Generally we have DJs 6 to 10 PM Thursday through Saturday and live music on Saturday afternoons.

Also be sure to follow my DJ J-WALL Spotify account to have access to dozens of the playlists I’ve made for various parts of the day/week at High Street. They range from Lo-Fi and Chill to nuDisco and House. Here’s one of my favorite playlists so far: it’s a new soulful vibe that works nicely in the late morning and mid afternoon just before the lunch and dinner rushes.