Gig Update: Welcome to the Blenderdome

The fine folks at Thirst Boston know how throw a damn good party. The cocktail festival, which takes place over the last weekend in April, celebrates all things stirred, shaken, and blended. The day is all about education: there are dozens of seminars centered on various cocktail trends. Year’s ago I attended a seminar on the relationship between music and the history of the cocktail taught by the legend Brother Cleve. I took way more notes there than most of my senior year of college combined. I hope to make it out to a couple of classes this weekend.

I’m beyond excited to be DJing the official closing party, the Blender Bender, for the third straight year. This is a double bonus for me. Not only do I get to see a ton of awesome bartenders (including a lot of old friends) get down with some friendly competition, I also get to spin pretty much whatever I want at one of Boston’s best clubs, Whisky Saigon. I’m like a kid in a candy shop when I get to work a sound system like this. I love how you can not only hear, but feel even the slightest adjustments in EQ.

Each year the Thirst crew concocts a fun theme for the night. This year it’s Welcome to the Blenderdome, which is all about Mad Max. I have my Tina Turner prepped and ready. Costumes are encouraged. It WILL get weird.

On the bar side of things, twelve teams of three bartenders compete to make the best blended drink. The audience votes for the winner. Tickets $65 and include samples of competition drinks and snacks. Beer will be available for purchase and proceeds will be donated to charity. Click here for more info.

THE THIRST BOSTON BLENDER BENDER – Sunday, April 29 – 8 PM to 11 PM – Whisky Saigon (Boston, MA)