Check out Brass Union’s April DJ Schedule

One of the highlights of my month is when I get to announce the Brass Union DJ schedule. It’s an absolute honor to work with such a talented group of guys and girls.  Check out the full schedule below, but here’s preview some nights that I am very excited about (in all fairness I am very excited about every night).

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Saturday 4/8 – Serge Gamesbourg returns to Brass for the first time in four months. He murders it with disco vibes and a lot of unique edits (many of which are his own).

Thursday 4/12 – The Brass Union debut of Brother Cleve for our first ever Tiki Night. Old Monk Rum and Maui Brewing co. are presenting the juice on this one. 9 p.m. start time kids! 

Sunday 4/16 – Bacardi & Cola – DJ ABD and myself will get weird on a long-weekend.

Friday 4/28 – Case Bloom plays an early set 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. Case is from Nashville and is cofounder and owner of Tucker and Bloom and the Boom Bap. He’s in town to spin Soulelujah the next night. Thanks to our homie DJ Frank White for this score. I’ll be checking out Case Bloom’s set before heading to my own gig at Foundry on Elm. 

Brass Union DJs April 2017


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